Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TEXAS BIG THICKET - National Preserve

Deep down in Texas there is a place called the "Big Thicket" National Preserve. This national preserve protects the incredible diversity of life found where multiple habitats converge in southeast Texas. Hiking trails and waterways meander through nine different ecosystems, from long-leaf pine forests to cypress-lined bayous. It is a place of discovery, a place to wander and explore, a place to marvel at the richness of nature.

Below are a few cool shots I took there some years ago now as I hiked across this varied terrain and some of the critters I stumbled upon to and including the highly venomous Copperhead Snake , who was camouflaged so well, I almost ran into him.....and that would have been bad (gulp)!

A great place to visit and explore if you ever find yourself traveling to Texas!
Adios for now! - Dennis

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