Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Since I rarely share personal information outside of my photography work, I thought for today's post I would "break tradition" and introduce you to my canine companions!

Rocket (left) is a male Border Collie rescue who is strictly business when it comes to play time! His attentive nature is beyond measure, as he is quite honestly the smartest dog I have ever known. Show him something only once, and he usually grasp it immediately. Rocket also exhibits no fear of anything to and including other dogs, and woe to the unlucky dog/human that gets between him and his ball!

Mya (Right) is a 99% female Golden Retriever (really/tested) rescue who is quite frankly the laziest dog in the world, and completely the opposite of Rocket. That said, she is also the most sensitive and sweetest dog I have ever known. She doesn't like conflict and will routinely throw herself into the middle of a brawl to break it up. When I take her to the park, instead of wandering about as most dogs do, she will find a proper vantage point to simply sit and watch over her domain like a Mom would to her kids playing on the swings....go figure:)

Rocket & Mya....Ready.....Set.....GO!