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SYMPHONY OF NATURE by Dennis Stewart

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NR New Logo Designs - by Deanna Stewart

Ok, so my daughter Deanna Stewart, "Artist Extraordinaire" has created some new logo designs for my wildlife photography business of which I thought I would post to FB to see which one you guys like the best.

They are subtle differences; hence look closely, and let me know which one is the winner:)


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  2. It hard to choose among those three logos. They look all wonderful! But for me, the first one is the winner. Although it almost the same as the second logo, it looks more noticeable due to the large font that was used for your business name. I think it’s more appropriate, so you can draw people's attention to that detail first before they notice the other parts of the logo. Anyway, which of these three did you chose?

    Blanca Hoffman @ Marketing.theProduct