Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tale of an Osprey

During a recent trip to the Ozark mountains in northern Arkansas USA, I came across an amazing scene of an Osprey fishing on the White River. I was very much content simply to see an Osprey in the first place, even if he was perched high above upon the jagged limestone cliffs that surrounded this majestic river fortress, so you can imagine my sheer wonderment, when he sprang forward, wings aback and dived toward the clear waters of the White River.

Although it took only a split second for me to raise and focus my camera lens, he was already half way to his target before I was able to even get a single shot off, and then before you could blink your eyes, he had accelerated even more, plunging head first, his talons spread wide, into the cold waters after his quarry. 

There seemed to be struggle on the surface of the water at first, but I had no doubt as to who would be the victor in this "Circle of Life contest of champions. The Osprey made his way to the surface firmly grasping his hard earned meal, and took to flight once more whereas I was finally able to get a few more shots of him before he departed from my field of view and leaving me with only a memory to cherish.

Tale of an Osprey

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