Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hawaiian Paradise

If there was ever a "Eden" on planet Earth, the Hawaiian Islands located in the middle of the mighty pacific ocean might just be the place to find it. The rugged natural beauty of this tropical landscape surrounded by a never-ending sea of blue simply mesmerizes the senses beyond one's comprehension.  

Capturing all of this wonderment with my tiny Nikon camera seemed a daunting challenge to say the least, and one that I knew in my heart...could not be done. 

Still,...I was determined to seek out as much native and non-native wildlife that I could given my short stay of which below is a short sampling of a few.

Asian Mongoose - Introduced (Invasive Species)
'A" ama Crab - Native
Black Crowned Night Heron - Native
Chukar Partridge - Introduced 
Peacock - Introduced

Green Sea Turtle - Native (Protected)
Black Crowned Night Heron - Native