Thursday, January 7, 2016


A common snapping turtle surfaces nearby to my location seemingly to inquire as to my intentions. After all, this was his pond, and my presence was very not appreciated. After I clicked off a few shots, he quickly submerged back into the murky depths to be seen no more on this particular day.

The common Snapping Turtle is a fairly large turtle with some specimens weighing in excess of 35 pounds (16 kg). However, there are records of captive specimens weighing in excess of 70 pounds (32 kg).

The carapace is rounded in dorsal view with three longitudinally oriented keels. The keels are typically found on young specimens and tend to lose definition and become worn smooth as specimens grow older. The posterior marginal scutes are serrated and the plastron is cruciform and reduced. the neck is long and the head is large with two barbels present on the chin. The legs are well developed and powerful. The feet are webbed and bear well developed claws. The tail is long and has a single row of serrated scales that are dorsally oriented.


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