Monday, January 25, 2016

Australian EMU

Flightless birds have always fascinated me from an evolutionary perspective. I mean to say, that when most people think of birds, their first inclination would be towards their own backyard feathered friends that fly in and eat from the feeder(s) us humans so happily provide them. So to see a so-called bird like this Emu (depicted) of which is as tall as a 7' and weighing as much as 80 lbs....I think dinosaur folks...not bird (gulp).

Nonetheless, it is in fact a bird, and it is the 2nd largest bird on the planet, with only the Ostrich out-sizing it. The Emu is native to Australia is currently listed as a "Least Concern" species, meaning the population is stable. That said, the Tasmanian & King Island Emu are now extinct as a result of European settlement onto those islands around 1788 according to history.

EMU 2016 - Dennis Stewart