Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I stumbled upon a really cool website yesterday courtesy of National Geographic of which you can now watch a "Live African Safari" via streaming video. It is truly an AMAZING thing that what used to take many months a century ago ,simply to get wildlife images from remote locations such as this, you can now actually see and hear LIVE video feed of amazing wildlife scenes right in your living room that are happening in real time!

Technology is truly transforming this planet, and although exciting as it is, in some ways, the mystique of traveling to and truly being one with nature in remote areas of the world seems to be somewhat diminished to me....hmmmm

That said, for the vast majority of us, actually visiting these type remote places is difficult if not impossible, so from that such as this can allow you to "virtually visit" these spectacular places and at the same time educate us all as to their importance of staying wild and free!

Check it out!