Monday, June 8, 2015

Great Blue Rookery

Last week I stumbled upon a cool "Great Blue Heron" rookery as I was meandering about observing the swollen and fast flowing Trinity river here in north Texas. Spring rains have caused widespread flooding the likes that have not been seen in many years in these parts, and I simply wanted to see it firsthand before the waters abated and returned to their normal levels.

As I was approaching the river's edge, I started to faintly hear the distinctive sounds of birds whereas at first glance eluded my vision, until... I noticed a large seemingly dead tree way across the river that was adorned with young Great Blue Herons making a lot of noise in the process. I quickly surmised this was a rookery and although the distance probably exceeded what I would normally attempt to take a picture of with my 600mm camera lens, I decided capturing the moment was at the very least worth the attempt.

The midday temperature was hovering in the 90's (Fahrenheit), and the sun was high in the sky of which did offer me some advantage from a lighting perspective to pick up of some of the finer details I would otherwise lose. I have not yet processed all the shots taken, but here is a glimpse of a couple of images I have worked on of which to give you a sense of the scene I was privileged to see.

Great Blue Rookery 3

Great Blue Rookery 1

Great Blue Rookery 2

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