Sunday, January 26, 2014


A came across  a series of video's (WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) put together by the WWF of which really highlights the continuing battle(s) being fought to stop the ceaseless killings of animals around the world for the simple sake of monetary purposes.  From my perspective, in order to save the world's most vulnerable wildlife, we must eliminate demand first and foremost. Once demand is reduced and or eliminated, poaching will subside as there will be no profit in it.

That said, this has proven to be a very difficult task, and although I believe progress has and is continuing to be made; my fear is that at the current rate, some of those amazing creatures most at risk will be go extinct in the wild within the next 25-50 years or much sooner for some species.

After viewing these videos, I decided to add a new goal to my PATREON campaign to donate 10% of all proceeds received to help this effort, as my way to PAY IT FORWARD.