Saturday, January 25, 2014


This week, my youngest daughter who is an avid supporter of my wildlife photography introduced me to a website call "Patreon", a site where you can support artist who create art, music, photography, etc, etc, etc.. My immediate reaction was, "this is so cool", are YOU (meaning my daughter) thinking of putting together some of her illustrations (she is a great artist) and giving it a try? She paused and said...no Dad, I want you to do it! This will help you get support for your work and your dream of being a wildlife photographer full time, not just on the weekends.

Well, my first inclination was to say, thanks but no thanks, I already have several websites of which I manage that are already difficult to keep up (not enough hours in the day), and besides my wildlife images are free to view on-line for the most-part, and although I sell a few prints now and again, I have never really concerned myself about making a steady income out of them.

Well, to know my daughter, you would know she is a very mild-mannered sort of girl, always smiling, always optimistic, and rarely in a bad mood. Well, I guess my hesitation struck a nerve with her, as she looked me directly in the eye, and said: "YOU ARE DOING THIS DAD" and that is all there is to it!....for the first time ever, I saw her mother in her start to emerge...yikes!!

 Long story short, I gave in to her will in this instance, and decided to give it a shot. Below is the link that will take you to my page where you can read all of the particulars about how you can support my work if you are so inclined to do so. 


P.S. Since I have never posted to my BLOG without a picture being included, here is one of my latest for you to enjoy. - Regards, Dennis