Friday, February 22, 2013

Artist Spotlight - Marvin Collins

Artist Spotlight 2013
Wildlife Photography - Marvin Collins

I have decided to add a new segment into my blog simply titled a "Artist Spotlight" to shine a light on wildlife photographers I have stumbled upon who simply produce amazing pictures of nature and wildlife. Marvin Collins is one of those folks who specializes in bird photography, and his work is a must see for yourself to believe. Please link to his portfolio, and if you like what you see, send him a note, or better yet, support his work by considering buying one of his prints or amazing calendars.


I started photography many years ago with a Yashica 35mm full manual camera. Moved to medium format using a Rollei TLR and Mamiya TLR. Eventually used a 4×5 Speed Graphic and a Toyo view camera. I used a makeshift darkroom I set up in my laundry room. In those days I did mostly Black and White. I took many years off from photography, sold the darkroom equipment and a few of those great cameras. The advent of digital has freed me from the darkroom. I now use the digital darkroom (mainly Photoshop), and generally it is less time consuming. I use a Canon 7D and several lenses from Canon, Sigma, and Tamron. My main interest is wildlife and particularly birds. I use a Canon 400mm F5.6L lens for most of my birds in flight images.