Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Title: Dragonfly Closeup

Photographer: Dennis Stewart
Subject: Dragonfly Macro


Dragonflies are large and heavy-bodied insects. They usually hold their wings open and flat when perched, just like the dragonfly in the picture above. Their eyes are close together, often touching. Young dragonflies (or Nymphs) develop in water and move by what looks like jet propulsion. Dragonflies eat the larvae of other insects that live in the water - including mosquito larvae. One of the benefits of having dragonflies live nearby is that they eat many times their weight in mosquitoes every day. Dragonflies also eat other kinds of flies and the occasional honeybee. Using a basket-like arrangement of their legs, adult dragonflies can actually catch and eat other bugs while they are flying.


They live near lakes, creeks, and rivers. Some varieties can also live in fields. 


Equipment: Nikon D100 Camera w/Nikkor AF-S 105mm lens 
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