Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ancient Predator

An ancient predator swims casually through the murky waters of the Florida Everglades. Large dark eyes watch your every move waiting for just the right moment to strike....


Friday, September 21, 2018

Texas Wildlife - Dances with Wolves

Put together a short video to one of my favorite movie soundtracks, "Dances with Wolves"...hope it inspires others to see nature as I do.

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Prairie Dog Town - 2018

Here are a collection of images taken in the great state of Texas today of some wild Prairie Dogs enjoying the late summer days.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


A little experimenting this evening with my desktop publishing skills to convey a unique landscape using but a single image of mine as a reference. For some reason, I am drawn to this simple shot of a male Lion resting in the unending grasslands that make up the Serengeti/Masai Mara of East Africa.

Might make a good calendar cover.........hmmmm


Friday, July 27, 2018

Pandora Sphinx Moth

Cleaning the house gutters this afternoon (whew I am tired), and noticed this awesome large Moth just chillaxing and camouflaged within the green Ivy on my fence. A rare find to come across a Pandora Sphinx Moth in Fort Worth, Texas, especially in my very own backyard.

It is a very large, greenish gray moth with a wingspan of 3¼–4½ inches (8.2–11.5 cm), and if it sticks around a few days, I will give it the name "Mothra"....just because I am a "Godzilla Geek" and every Moth I see reminds me of that fact.

Happy Trails,

Pandora Sphinx Moth

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer Challenge

Want to get your kids off the couch and interested in nature and the great outdoors? Challenge them to an end of summer scavenger hunt to find and to identify some of these native Texas "Green" colored critters of which may be found right in their very own backyards should they only be observant enough to see them.

Obviously, there should be a strong emphasis as to NOT to DISTURB them, as that would equate to a violation of the challenge! Have them either take a picture or simply document what they saw with a quick drawing, description, and location (artistic skills not required).

All the wildlife images in this "Green Collage" were taken within and around the city of Fort Worth, so although it may be hot outside if you make it fun for them, you might just ignite the hidden naturalist in them, and then they just might end up someday hosting a show on National Geographic :)

Happy Trails,

P.S. Pics are 1) Green Anole, 2)Green Darner Dragonfly, 3)Green Lynx Spider, 4)Rough Green Snake, 5) Metallic Green Sweat Bee, 6) American Green Tree Frog

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's a Small World

Macro photography has always been a favorite form of photography for me, as it allows me to recognize the infinite details that surround these micro animals that can simply take your breath away. 

These "alien life" forms (Insects) inhabit planet Earth from the highest mountains to the lowest valleys and everything in between. I continually push myself to get better in this particular genre by pushing the limits of my camera to stay true and sharply focused on subject matter sometimes no bigger than a pinhead. 

To see all of my macro works, please visit my gallery at www.naturesream.net.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wildlife Photography Contest Exhibit

In 2017, I was very fortunate to have won both 1st and 2nd place in a wildlife photography contest sponsored by the city of Dallas Texas. All the winning images are now on exhibit at the Dallas NorthPark Center through June 19th, so if you are in the area, stop by and see all of the amazing images that are on display.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Mellow Yellow

Sometimes a small gust of wind from above can unexpectedly turn a routine macro shot into something so very much more amazing.....

Copyright Dennis Stewart - Nature's Realm Wildlife Photography

Nature's Realm Wildlife Photography - The Magazine!

FIRST LOOK - I have always wanted to create my own cool wildlife magazine covers ever since going to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale some many years ago. My specialty was "Layout and Production Art", so I figured it was time to put some of those great skills to work.

My ultimate objective with all of this is to create an eye-popping monthly magazine cover using select images from my archives, develop a unique subject of interest, and write a 300-500 word essay (blog post) to compliment the photograph. I love challenges, so wish me luck as I venture forward......I am going to need it.

Happy Trails,

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bunny in a Green Meadow

A beautiful image of a common rabbit here in Texas, enjoying a succulent meal of fresh grass within an emerald meadow of green courtesy of mother nature.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Queen of Africa

Often overlooked and underestimated, the Lioness watches over her cubs and readies her pride to go on the hunt once more as twilight fast approaches. She has seen her share of battles over time and has also had her share of "Scars" to prove it. She is the undisputed "Queen of Africa", and though her reign may be brief in this unforgiving place she dwells, her legacy will last for generations to come.

- Dennis


Monday, March 19, 2018

On the Road Again!

There are reasons I elected to be a photographer and not a singer:) Heading out to nature to do a little photography today, but in a few months from now, I will make my return back to Yellowstone National Park. It has been several years since my last visit there, and I am hoping to capture better images of both the amazing landscape and the breathtaking wildlife that dwells within this smoldering paradise.

My digital camera equipment has been upgraded a tad bit since my last visit, so now I have no more "Equipment Excuses" I can use if I don't get the shot......

Happy Trails,

Friday, March 16, 2018


Nature's Realm Wildlife Photography is pleased to announce its annual "Spring Sale" on all Paper Prints, Wall Art, Desk Art and keepsakes for a limited time only. This sale will last ONLY for a few months, so hurry now and place your order!

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Friday, March 9, 2018

NR Shutterstock

Monday, February 19, 2018

FIRST LOOK - Endangered

FIRST LOOK - The first of several graphic images I am creating to bring attention to the worlds most endangered species of wildlife.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

City Wildlife

As I have often preached, wildlife can be seen not only on the vast grasslands of the Serengeti, nor only within the steaming jungles of the Amazon...nature, and wildlife is all around us if you are simply observant enough to pay heed.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Tranquil Acres

As sunset was fast approaching yesterday evening, I drove past a beautiful Texas ranch property that had an entry sign of which was befitting the mood I was in after a long day of taking images of wetland birds at a nearby wildlife refuge.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Feel kinda "Bearish" this evening, so I thought I would post one of my favorite "Grizzly Bear" images taken from Yellowstone National Park a few moons ago. Grizzly bears are majestic symbols of the wild, but they can be extremely dangerous if startled or provoked...especially a Sow with cubs. In the summer of 2011, (during my last visit), two people were mauled and killed by a female Grizzly who was then subsequently euthanized after DNA evidence proved she was the responsible Bear.

Your odds of being attacked by a Grizzly is low, however, you must always be responsible and vigilant when in "Bear Country" whether your hiking, camping or taking pretty pictures on a riverbank in the middle of nowhere.

Happy Trails Everyone, and stay safe!


Thursday, January 25, 2018

American purple gallinule

Depicted is yet another cool Florida wetlands shot I took a few years ago of the "American Purple Gallinule" for you to enjoy. As most wildlife photographers already know, lighting can really make a mundane shot really good, and a good shot, really GREAT if captured just right.

What I have always liked most about this particular image is how the lighting really accentuates the deep blue and yellow coloring of this beautiful bird species.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Adventure - Yellowstone National Park

Planning my next big excursion into the wilderness of which is Yellowstone National Park. My last trip to this park was in 2011, and although it was truly an amazing experience, I felt I needed more time to familiarize myself better with the land and the wildlife that dwells within this volcanic realm.

Stay tuned for more updates about this trip and other cool places I will be traveling to this year to capture wildlife and other scenes of nature like you have never seen before!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Green Iguana

A large Green Iguana suns himself in the trees on the tropical Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Green, or common, iguanas are among the largest lizards in the Americas, averaging around 6.5 feet long and weighing about 11 pounds.

It is an invasive species in PR, and unfortunately has no natural predators and their increasing population wrecks havoc on agriculture and infrastructure causing millions of dollars in damage each year.

Green iguanas are found throughout tropical and subtropical North and South America. Green iguanas are common in Mexico and south throughout Central America and down through South America to Paraguay and Argentina. Green iguanas also occur throughout the Lesser Antilles and, in the past 20 years or so, the Greater Antilles and Southern Florida. In the Greater Antilles and southern Florida, green iguanas are an introduced species.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Yesterday, I spent the day searching a Texas riverbed looking for the tracks of an animal species that has not walked on this planet for some millions of years. 

If you guessed "Dinosaur", you would be correct. Located just northwest of Glenrose Texas is Dinosaur Valley State Park, and it contains some of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks existing in the world. 

Located there are two type tracks that have been found to date belonging to:

    Image result for Acrocanthosaurus
  • Acrocanthosaurus: The theropod tracks were most likely left by the carnivorous Acrocanthosaurus, a smaller relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. This dinosaur chased its prey on two legs, was 20 feet tall and 30 feet long, and weighed 3 to 5 tons
    Sauroposeidon by cisiopurple
  • Sauroposeidon proteles: A very large sauropod that was 70 feet long and 13 feet high at its hip, and it weighed 40 to 44 tons.

What an amazing place this is, and yes I found lots of dino tracks, of which I, unfortunately, cannot post just yet as it is apart of a larger photo assignment I am working on. That said, here is a cool image of the Paluxy River, and a painted mural scene of the two dinosaurs described above to allow you to visualize what once was so very long ago....

Happy Trails!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Kestrel Welcome

It always makes for a wonderful day, when a particular bird species I am seeking, elects to welcome me as I arrive at the gate. No folks, this is not a staged image, although I will admit, it might be really cool to have one as a pet...but then again, it would be even cooler to continue to see this little bird-of-prey free and wild to greet me once more another day.

Our smallest falcon, the kestrel is also the most familiar and widespread in North America. In open country it is commonly seen perched on roadside wires, or hovering low over a field on rapidly beating wings, waiting to pounce on a grasshopper. Kestrels nest in cavities in trees; in places where there are few large dead snags to provide nest sites, they may rely on nesting boxes put up for them by conservationists. - Source Audubon 

American Kestrel 2018


Winter brings about a whole new opportunity to shoot wildlife if you are so "bold enough" to brave the chilly weather. 

Depicted is a Great Blue Heron who is seemingly walking on water, as his wetland domain froze solid overnight as the temperature plummeted. I waited for a long while to see if he would attempt to break the ice with his long sharp beak.......but no, I think he was just taking inventory of what was below lol.