Friday, September 23, 2016

Pelican Migration Begins

Coming around a bend in the road at the Hagerman Wildlife National Refuge earlier this week, I happened upon a sea of White Pelicans freshly arrived from their summer homes somewhere up north. Yes, the yearly White Pelican migration had now begun in earnest, and oh what a spectacle of nature it is to see. They numbered in the thousands from my estimation, and that is more than I can ever recall seeing in many, many years in around this area.

The sky was clear, and the temperature outside was hot and you can tell the Pelicans were pretty tired from their long journey. I too, was feeling the heat as I sat quietly with my camera, clicking off one shot at a time. As most wildlife photographers know, the afternoon is the worst time to take pictures outside....nonetheless, the opportunity was now, and I tried my best to capture the moment I saw before me.