Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Even when a midsummer's stillness has enveloped the air, nature's tiny wonders of design lurk in the shadows always on alert and always weary of a predator's approach. There is a world within our world that pays little heed to the happening of us humans. They are wondrous creatures that for except for a few of us...go mostly unnoticed, although in the circle of life, their role may be as important as our's in the grand scheme of things?

Below are some recent images of such life I thought you might enjoy.

A beautiful blue Dragonfly sits motionless as the new morning sun illuminates the world all around him.

The translucent image of a common Anole lizard is revealed as the sunlight permeate through the canopy above.

His wings all torn as if an epic battle were recently waged, this tiny warrior dragonfly now sits calmly on his perch seeking solace as the Texas morning sun saturates the landscape with her ever oppressive heat.