Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Texas Lakes and Prairies

Pic #1 - PRAIRIE DOG FEAST - On a secluded prairie in the middle of nowhere USA, lives a prairie dog of whom I stumbled upon recently during one of my excursions.  This little guy seemed a little surprised by my presence, but he was content to "Carry On" with  his afternoon routine of gathering food stuffed within the pouches of his cheeks. This is one of those fun moments I sometimes come across that simply makes me laugh and truly appreciate wildlife all the more.

Pic#2 - CORMORANT LIFTOFF - Cormorants are very flighty birds normally, and this one was no different, as he decided o take to the air most hurriedly upon noticing me gazing upon him with my long lens. I did not get as close as I would have liked, but I managed to capture a few cool shots of him just as he lifted off from the surface of the water.

Cheers, Dennis

Prairie Dog Feast 2016

Cormorant Liftoff - 2016