Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

A tiny "Ruby-Crowned Kinglet" bird browses through the foliage for wild berries and other tasty morsels. They winter in Texas and many other southern states. A very difficult bird to photograph, as they never seem to stay still.

Size & Shape
Kinglets are tiny songbirds with relatively large heads, almost no neck, and thin tails. They have very small, thin, straight bills.

Color Pattern
Ruby-crowned Kinglets are olive-green birds with a prominent white eye-ring and white wingbar. This wingbar contrasts with an adjacent blackish bar in the wing. The “ruby crown” of the male is only occasionally visible.

These are restless, acrobatic birds that move quickly through foliage, typically at lower and middle levels. They flick their wings almost constantly as they go.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
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