Friday, July 18, 2014

Arising Bison Sculpture 2014

When I was in high school many many years ago now, I used to enjoy sculpting clay in art class, and even managed to win a few ribbons now and again although I never really thought I had much talent as most of my pieces would break/crack in the kiln because I did not properly get the air bubbles out of the clay beforehand...or so I was told.

I never really ever pursued this much thereafter as I guess life simply has a way of taking us in different directions over time and we simply forget those things that we enjoyed doing in our past.

All this said, I recently came across a local art competition whereas they were looking for entries that that were more traditional type artworks like paintings, mosaics, drawings, and sculptures of local flora and fauna. Photography unfortunately was not allowed.....so I decided to buy some natural Terracotta clay at the local craft store, get my hands dirty and go for it.

Well after looking at that large block of clay for about two days, I finally decided upon a Bison as being my main subject matter. At first it was like a blank piece of paper in front of me, however slowly but surely the basic shape I was after started to form, and from there I simply let my creative side of the brain take over, and a Bison was born.

Not sure how I will ultimately do in this contest, however I so much enjoyed working with the clay, I have already planned my next sculpture of a Grizzly Bear and Cub (Coming Soon).

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