Monday, January 21, 2013

Duck Reflections

Yesterday I loaded a series of ‘Duck Shots” into my portfolio of which I took at a local Texas park on a very warm winters day. The area surrounding the pond has a very unique apartment complex called the “Art-House” of which is multicolored and cast cool reflections onto the water at certain times a day. My mission was to incorporate these reflections into the pictures I took of Ducks to create a colored canvas stretching across the screen. 


So happens, that I unknowingly stumbled upon several species of Ducks and Grebs in my quest that made the day very enjoyable. Here is a short list of the species seen in a time-span of 2 hours:
  1. Mallard (Male & Female)
  2. Pied Eyed Grebe
  3. Wood Duck (No picture taken)
  4. Gadwall
  5. American Wigeon
  6. Northern Pintail (Possibly/Still Checking)
  7. Northern Shoveler
  8. Lesser Scaup
  9. Double-Crested Cormorant (No Picture Taken)