Friday, June 15, 2012

This is an "artistic" experiment to see if I can recover great shots I took with my first digital camera of which could not be printed larger than 8x10 due to very low pixel counts creating excessive noise. Using a painting program recently purchased, I am converting these older type shots to a "Digital Paint Rendering" of which still preserves the essence of the shot in a cool sort of way, and can now be printed larger for display purposes.

The original photograph was taken a Wildlife Refuge in Fort Worth, Texas whereas Alligators inhabit a local lake system. Alligators are rare in this part of Texas, hence seeing one is like winning the lottery. This young Gator was waiting for his next meal to come by as he sat in the rushing water between two waterways after a heavy downpour.

I am thinking about creating a photo-painting calendar for 2013....so stay tuned for more.